The voting round is closed! A GIANT thank you to DHH and everybody involved. What's next? Code Ping Pong - Aftermath.

Code Ping Pong with DHH

Recently, in this discussion, DHH mentioned that he would love to do some more ping-pong over the code, instead of going into abstract debates.

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Here we go! Pongs selected for DHH


Andrzej Krzywda

Rails Refactoring: the aha! moments.

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Jacek Bro┼╝ek

Easy-to-implement interactors

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Marcin Stecki

Dealing with huge custom SQL queries in Rails - data/query objects.

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Pretty cool, huh? Share!

General rules

Submit your code. Win the review round. Get a response from DHH. Profit.

Your idea

Pick a piece of real code ready for discussion. Submit a gist URL (under 160 lines) with your snippet. Choose wisely. Submissions are open until March 28th.

Review round

After 28-03-2014 we will choose 5 best entries for DHH. We'll notify the happy winners about the results. The next set belongs to DHH.

DHH's response

We present DHH with 5 winning entries and... he replies (yup, he said YES)! PING PONG! Say goodbye to vague architectural debates. This game is all about code cases.